Functional Foods and Natural Health Products Database (FFNHP)

This database connects buyers with Canadian suppliers of FFNHP bioactives, ingredients, products and services.

  • It features Canadian FFNHP companies and the bioactives, ingredients, products and services they offer, as well as Canadian FFNHP industry organizations and research & development capabilities.
  • It is intended to assist domestic and international buyers and distributors seeking FFNHP bioactives, ingredients, products and services, or stakeholders looking to identify potential research collaborators and service providers.
  • Users can search the database to find the product or service they are looking for, and Canadian FFNHP establishments can add or update their own listing in the database.

Search the database

To find a product, service or potential research partner in the database, simply click on Search Listings and identify the specific criteria you are looking for. You may also use the Advanced Search feature to access additional search fields.

Add your company or organization to the database

Don't miss out on potential business opportunities! If you are a Canadian FFNHP company or organization, make sure you're included in the database. Click on Add New Listing, fill in your information, and click Submit. Once submitted, we will review your listing and publish it to the database. You will receive an email confirmation once your listing has been published.

Update your existing listing in the database

To update an existing listing, search for your organization's listing in the database. At the bottom of your listing, click request to update information. An email will be sent to the email address indicated in the listing to verify the request. Follow the prompts indicated in the email to complete the update of your listing. You will receive an email confirmation once your listing update has been published.

If you wish to delete your existing listing from the database, please contact

This information is provided as a service without cost to the user. All of the information in the database has been provided by the companies themselves and listing here does not constitute an endorsement by the Government of Canada. The Government of Canada and its employees, servants or agents make no representations or warranties as to the accuracy, completeness, currency or reliability of the information contained in the database. Parties who rely on the information do so at their own risk. Any views expressed are those of the originators and do not necessarily represent the opinions of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada or the Government of Canada.